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Gym facilites and wellness programs such as tai chi, yoga, balance and mindfulness open to all 18 years and older in Burlingame.

Peninsula Health & Fitness Center

Peninsula Health & Fitness Center

At Peninsula Health Care District Health & Fitness Center, you will discover many benefits that engage your mind, body and soul.

  • Our welcoming staff place you at the center of your health and fitness goals by providing customized care and attention.
  • We offer a variety of classes for everyone, from balance fitness, circuit training, balance fitness and massage, to gentle stretches and yoga. We also have special classes for Seniors in Motion. New classes and opportunities are offered frequently.
  • Our Center has exercise equipment and machines that will get you moving for full body and targeted workouts. In our facility, we have:
    • NuStepĀ® recumbent cross trainers for a seated total-body workout
    • Treadmills
    • Stationary bicycles and arm bikes
    • Rowing machines
    • Resistance machines
    • Hand-held weights

Unique to our Center is our wellness coaching, speakers, and events on a variety of educational and social topics to improve well-being.

We aim to support you on your journey in health.

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